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An Easy Fundraising Program with Big Results

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About Spark Fundraising

The Spark Fundraising team is composed of former athletes, coaches, and non-profit leaders who are passionate about helping others. To do this, we brought our experiences together to create a fundraising program that knocks the traditional hurdles out of the way.

We focus on the small details to ensure every group has a simple to run and successful fundraiser. We want to provide you the spark to make your season, trip, or school year a great success.


How Spark Fundraising Is Different

Premium Product: Our products are handmade with only the finest ingredients that your customers are sure to love.
Affordable Pricing & Great Profit: At $6.50 per product your customers get a great deal and you get a profit of $3.00 per item for your organization! That's over 45% profit!
Organized Logistics: We pride ourselves on our simple fundraising process that includes professional quality color brochures and an easy to use order form. Your product will arrive within 2 weeks from the time your order is placed and product will be separated per participant. All Spark products can be stored at room temperature eliminating the need for refrigerator or freezer space.
Dedicated Customer Service: When you have questions, we’re here to help.

It's time to reach your fundraising goals