Frequently Asked Questions

At Spark Fundraising, we make every effort to ensure you have a simple, fun, and hassle free fundraising experience.


Below are some of our most common questions from our customers. If your questions aren't answered here, feel free to give us a call at 888-SPARK-85 or fill out our online contact form.


Spark Fundraising FAQ

1Q: What is the profit per item?
A: Over 45% profit, that's $3.00 per product sold!
2Q: How much money can my group make?
​Number of Participants ​Items Sold Per Participant    ​ ​Total Profit
10 ​10 $300​ (Less Shipping)
25 10 $750
​​​50 10​ $1,500​
100 ​10 ​$3,000
3Q: Are there any upfront costs?
A: Nothing, we have no start up costs!
4Q: How do I get started?
A: Just let us know how many brochures you would like and where to send them and you can begin as soon as they arrive.
5Q: Is there sales tax?
A: If you are a non profit group there is no tax, otherwise there is a 6.875% Minnesota Sales Tax applied.
6Q: Where do I find the tax form?
A: We will email you a tax exemption form prior to the start of your fundraiser. If your organization is tax exempt and we receive the completed form prior to processing your fundraiser no sales tax will be charged on any items. If your group is not tax exempt or we do not receive the completed tax exempt form prior to processing your fundraiser we will invoice for tax on applicable products.
7Q: Who are checks made out to?
A: Participants will collect cash and checks at the time of the sale. All checks can be made out to your organization.
8Q: Should I mail order forms with the check?
A: No, you will keep the order forms so your participants can use them for distribution. You will use them only to complete the fulfillment spreadsheet you send to us.
9Q: Do I mail the Fulfillment Spreadsheet?
A: You can fill out the fulfillment spreadsheet at the completion of your fundraiser and email it to your sales representative.
10Q: How long does it take to receive my product after emailing Fulfillment Spreadsheet?
A: You will receive your product within two weeks (10 business days) of sending in your fulfillment spreadsheet.
11Q: How will my product arrive?
A: Product will get shipped to the location you specify. Everything will be placed into clear plastic bags separated by participant (each bag is labeled with participant name) making it easy for you to get the right product to the right participant.
12Q: How much will shipping cost?
A: Shipping is free if you sell more than 150 items, otherwise we pass through shipping expense to your group.
13Q: When do I receive my invoice?
A: You will receive an invoice within two days of submitting your fulfillment spreadsheet.
14Q: Who do I make the check out to, and where do I send the check?
A: After receiving the invoice a check can be made out to Spark Fundraising and sent to:

Spark Fundraising
P.O. Box 309
Chaska, MN 55318
15Q: Do I need to worry about freezer or fridge space?
A: No, there are no Spark Products that require refrigeration.
16Q: How do I complete the Fulfillment Spreadsheet?
A: 5 Important Things when completing the Fulfillment Spreadsheet:
  • Please fill out the “Sales by Participants”
  • Please include only participant totals, not individual customer orders.
  • Email (not mail or scan) to Driven Coffee to begin fulfillment.
  • Do not fill in the yellow area on the right side of the page, as this section is built out with equations.
  • Be sure to double check Fulfillment Spreadsheet for accuracy prior to emailing in. All orders will be processed as we receive them.​